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Michel van Vooren

The sky is not the limit

Michel van Vooren, director of the McNAIR Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research, says the center is taking flight with new research grants and the collective energy of 50 undergraduate and graduate students.


A family affair

Maybe you’re familiar with the annual Thanksgiving for Internationals dinner at Columbia restaurant Immaculate Consumption; maybe you’re not. Either way, you can appreciate the spirit of the event.

President Pastides

Think Twice UofSC

On a campus with almost 1,800 international students from 95 different counties, the University of South Carolina has supreme rankings when it comes to accommodating those from various backgrounds. While the environment is welcoming to all, a few students are taking the initiative to stop subtle acts of discrimination that often go unnoticed.

Ann Johnson

Connecting humanities and science

With a background in the history and philosophy of science, professor Ann Johnson was well known for bridging gaps between history, philosophy, engineering and technology. Her parents and sister recently established and endowed the Ann Johnson Institute for Science, Technology and Society to carry on her vision of interdisciplinary work.

Dr. Grady

Doing big things together

It’s not every day that a simple interaction with a professor leads you to the Olympics, or even to finding a trusted mentor, but it is for students who are lucky enough to interact with John Grady. After 13 years at the University of South Carolina, these inspiring interactions have resulted in Grady being honored with the 2017 Outstanding Advocate for First-Year Students Award.

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